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The 1st International Conference on Engineering Research and Technology Transfer 2021 aims to bring together Engineers, Scientists and Researchers to share their knowledge, expertise and experience in engineering and technology.Advances in engineering and technology are the centre pieces of ICERTT 2021. The conference provides a platform for wide-ranging issues, which captures contemporary developments in engineering and technology within which a wide range of networking opportunities can be nurtured for the advancement of future research and global collaboration. Most of the recent reported findings in the area of engineering and technology will be discussed in utilizing this knowledge for the development of sustainable and eco friendly environment. This approach is now vital in research endeavors as engineering and technology practices are increasingly prone to an era of cross-fertilization through meaningful multi-disciplinary collaborations.This conference is to spur unique discoveries in terms of countering conventional challenges faced in everyday engineering activities and technologies. Technology is progressing at a very fast pace, which currently is weighing heavily on the earth's bounty of natural resources and causing serious damage to the environment. The price for this large-scale and mass expansion in all forms of daily life is being paid for in the form of climate change.Today, dangerous pollution levels and global environmental degradation endangers the very existence of life on our planet. Now, more than ever, there is an urgent need for professionals from all sectors of engineering and science to come together and work together to find sustainable solutions to sustain economic growth without harming the environment in any way whatsoever. It is unquestionably necessary to devise new strategies and improved technologies that are environmentally self-sustaining. Scientific discoveries and technological innovations to meet the demands of the Rural Development Technologies, Agriculture Technologies, Mining Technologies, Construction technologies, Hydraulics and Irrigation Technologies, Waste Management, Electric and Green Energy sector, the Manufacturing sector, Industrial Automation, Transportation, and other sectors, must now focus on the eco-friendly technologies for sustainable growth.

The scientific program focuses on current advances in the engineering research, production and use of Engineering and Technology with particular focus on their role in maintaining academic level in Engineering and elevating the science level. The conference's goals are to provide a scientific forum for all international prestige scholars around the world and enable the interactive exchange of state-of-the-art knowledge. The conference will focus on evidence-based benefits proven in clinical trials and scientific experiments.

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